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Monday, July 06, 2009

So, I live in Iowa

It is interesting to read the last post I wrote (almost a year ago, sheesh). I had NO idea that in just a few months after writing that I'd be moving to Iowa. No idea at all.

I think I am getting more comfortable with uncertainty. The other day Michael and I were talking about where we'll live next. We are both okay with Iowa, but just don't feel at this point that this is our forever place. Now that we've moved here, moving other places seems much more possible. Our dream, or one of them anyways, would be to live outside the US for some length of time. I'd love to give Miles the chance to experience life in other places and there is so much of the world I'd like to see.

But for now, we live in Iowa, in a creaky old farm house that-at this very minute-has a raccoon trapped on the roof and frogs in the puddles in the driveway and a mouse somewhere on the second floor. We are *thisclose* to opening our own petting zoo.


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